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Aquatic Illinois Post-trip Activities

  • Aquatic Exotic Species Fact Cards
  • Aquatic History: Follow the River - Activity
  • Aquatic Invertebrates in Still and Flowing Water - Activity
  • Aquatic Species Fact Cards - Activity
  • Boating Safety
  • Colonial Nesting Birds - Activity
  • Don't Stop for Hitchhikers
  • Exploring the History of the Illinois and Michigan Canal - Activity
  • Frog Chorus - Activity
  • Great Lakes Grief Lesson
  • Great Lakes Grief Newspaper
  • Illinois Rivers and Lakes Fact Sheets - Activity
  • Leach Out and Touch Someone
  • Lead Shot Consequences: Environmental Issue Changes Legislation - Activity
  • Living in Water - Activity
  • Migration Activation - Activity
  • Nature Rules in the Great Flood of 1993 - Activity
  • Rival for Survival Game Board
  • Rival for Survival Lesson
  • River Navigation Today: Locks, Dams and Barges
  • River-created and River-related Careers
  • Rivers of Riches
  • Wandering in a Wetland - Activity
  • Which Watershed are You In?
  • Wild Math: How Many Fish are in this Lake?
  • Wild Math: How Many Fish are in this Lake? Instructional Video Podcast
  • Wild Math: How Many Fish are in this Lake? Video Podcast Discussion Answers


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