Illinois Windshield Cards
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Hunters who are successfully drawn in a lottery for Site Specific - Spring Turkey, Archery Deer, Firearm Deer, etc., will see these lottery hunt types pre-loaded on your Windshield Cards once lotteries are complete and prior to the opening of the season.

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The Illinois Department of Natural Resources encourages you to report your hunting effort and success. This information is an important management tool to IDNR. The data you provide allows us to make better decisions and set regulations on the sites where you hunt. Please take the time to report the days that you hunt and your harvest. Thank you for contributing towards bettering hunter experiences for everyone on IDNR sites.

To find out which species can be hunted at which Windshield Card sites, go to the

Windshield Card Sites page

Step by Step Instruction Guide


Forest/Upland Game/Deer
(and Dog Training)

Print Windshield Card


(do not report dog training)

Waterfowl (including Teal)

Print Windshield Card


Please return on/after September 1

If you are unable to issue a windshield card using the link above, please
contact the Program Administrator (send email to