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Permit holders granted authorization under 520 ILCS 5/3.22 and 515 ILCS 5/20-100 of the Illinois Compiled Statutes and 17 ILL. Adm. Code 520 may handle species not listed as endangered or threatened in Illinois. Additional permission and/or permits may be needed to conduct research on sites owned or managed by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources or the Illinois Nature Preserve Commission. If you select “yes” to one or more of the following three questions, then additional permits may be needed.

      Will the project involve species listed as state endangered or threatened? (Yes/No)  
      Will the project occur on IDNR property? (Yes/No)  
      Will the project occur on Illinois Nature Preserve Commission sites? (Yes/No)   

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By submitting this application, I hereby certify that all statements made are correct to the best of my knowledge