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IRAP activities you are interested in registering (select all that apply):

 Activity IdActivity Name
Select3Pond Fishing
Select4River Fishing
Select5Spring Youth Turkey
Select10Spring Turkey Hunting; Season 3
Select11Spring Turkey Hunting; Season 4
Select12Squirrel Hunting
Select8Youth Firearm Season Deer Hunting (Columbus Day Weekend)
Select19Archery Deer 1st Period (Oct 1 - 15)
Select20Archery Deer 2nd Period (Oct 16 - 31)
Select21Archery Deer 3rd Period (Dec 16 - 31)
Select13Rabbit Hunting
Select14Upland Game w/Rabbit Hunting
Select18Waterfowl Hunting

Provide more details about your property :

Is any of the offered property enrolled in a conservation program, such as USDA Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP), Forestry Development Act (FDA), Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) or WRE/WRP?

If yes, what is the contract number(s) and Program?
Do you have a management plan for the offered property?
If so, what agency, organization or individual wrote it?

Note : You will be contacted by the IRAP Coordinator to evaluate your property and discuss potential options available to you through IRAP. You agree to authorizes the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and their designee(s) ingress/egress rights to the property offered above in order to inspect and evaluate offered leased property for qualification into IRAP.

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