Check Chronic Wasting Disease Test Results

Note: Some samples are given a higher priority of testing due to the number of CWD cases in particular regions, and the animal disease testing laboratory receives thousands of samples after the firearm deer hunting seasons. Because of this, some hunters may expect a waiting period of 2-3 weeks for results due to the large volume of samples being tested.

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What do my test results mean?

" Pending " - Test results for this animal have not yet been completed; check back at a later date.
" Not Detected " - Laboratory tests failed to detect any evidence of CWD in this animal.
" Positive " - CWD was detected in this animal.
" No Test " - There are a variety of reasons why a valid test may not be possible on a sample. In some instances the specific tissue needed for testing may not have been present in the sample. In other cases, the tissue may have been in poor condition, making it unusable. No inferences can be made about the presence or absence of CWD in these situations. "

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