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By agreeing to submit an application/management plan, the landowner is agreeing to conduct management on the property enrolled into the program. Compliance with the management plan is paramount in staying enrolled into the CSP. Success in achieving the landowner's stated management goals requires implementation of the specific management objectives and practices outlined in the plan. The signed and approved plan makes the landowner eligible to voluntarily participate in the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Conservation Stewardship Program.
The person who signs below is the owner or legal agent of the property for which the application is being submitted. The plan will be prepared in accordance with the Conservation Stewardship Law (35 ILCS, 200/10-520) and meets the requirements. The person applying should also have legal access to the property.
An approved and certified conservation management plan guarantees an equalized assessed valuation at 5% its fair cash value for the land enrolled in the CSP. This certification is only sent to the Department of Revenue after the management plan has been agreed on by the landowner and the Department of Natural Resources. You will receive a certification letter to sign before you have been officially enrolled.
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